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1001 Porsche against cancer

A challenge ! 1 Goal ! a World Premiere !!


The first meeting had to take place in Francorchamps. And was canceled... We promised it was just a reprieve from the

1001 PORSCHE AND YOU AGAINST CANCER meeting, organized with various festive and convivial gatherings, which will prove that all Porsche owners have a heart. We will not only focus on track and rally enthusiasts, but also on everyone who owns a Porsche, regardless of the type and year.

We hope to be able to bring together a strong participation of 1001 modern and classic Porsches at the same time or in several meetings (everything must be able to run smoothly).

By discovering legendary routes through beautiful regions and see extraordinary places at every meeting, we create a synergy between a maximum number of friends on any of our organisations. Whatever the choice, the activities will be as diverse as they are attractive.

With associated off companies, partners and sponsors with great opportunities to contribute to the success of a 1001 Porsche meeting. We will certainly take special requests or suggestions into account.

Porsche clubs are welcome, Porsche fans not to forget the children are all invited to participate in these meetings organized for "charity".


By organizing these meetings, we want to approach the fight against cancer differently and more directly, because it affects and can happen to us all from far and wide ....

We work with an open book for transparency and to reduce costs and to give the best possible share in the development of research. The statements and conclusions of our agreements are available to everyone to take a look into.

With the help of authorized individual persons, we will select the beneficiaries who will immediately receive their share of amounts collected during these days off activities and merchandising.

These events are completely created and managed by AX'S EVEN. They will be supported by the best partners from the country where the meeting will take place and in associate with prestigious names off : PORSCHE, RACE TRACKS and PLACES who will share this charity event.


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...because we are all concerned and involved.



If we can accomplish bringing 1001 Porsches together in one place,

that's the challenge that we will trying to achieve, everybody associated in it... will be named in the Worldrecord Guinness book.

1001 Porsche ... Unheard!!! Unseen!!!  We can make it happen thanks to you.