1001 Porsche against cancer

The challenge, a world first!

30/03/2019 SAVE THE DATE

Because we are all concerned, a large festive and friendly gathering aims to effectively support 3 cancer research projects...

Bring 1001 modern and classic Porsches to the SPA Francorchamps circuit.

We will create a synergy between a maximum of friends during a whole day by discovering this mythical route according to different possibilities. Turns in straight lines, putting themselves in the place of all the great champions who fought on the Ardennes route, no one will remain insensitive to this sensation.

Participants will be "rewarded" for their involvement or visit, they will not leave empty handed.

Associated companies, partners, sponsors will have a series of possibilities to contribute to the success of the day and we will remain attentive to any particular or targeted suggestions or requests.



By organizing this event, we want to help differently and directly the fight against this disease that concerns everyone from near and far.

We do not want to associate with the big, well-known organizations.

In order to reduce costs and give the best possible share to the development of research, we will work simply, with open books and according to a well-established and searchable convention at any time.

Specialists are mandated to present files that will define 3 projects to which we will directly give the fair share of the sums collected during this day.

Since this is a national action, the donations will be distributed equitably between Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

This event was created and will be entirely managed by AX'S EVEN, it will be guaranteed by the best partners of the country and will associate 2 prestigious names: PORSCHE and the NATIONAL CIRCUIT OF FRANCORCHAMPS



...because we are all concerned.



To top it all off: the challenge in which all will be associated will be recorded by the Guinness book - Guinness World Records when we have gathered on the track and within the circuit (paddocks, car parks and stands):

1001 Porsche ... never seen! We will get there thanks to you.


The first will take place in Belgium and contact is already established to transfer the same concept to France, Italy, Spain and Germany initially.






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