Program Activities


One-day program and activities

The 1001 Porsche and you against cancer days take place on a legendary route, in a beautiful region or in a special place.

The day always starts with a nice breakfast, it continues with the discovery of the circuit. A course or the environment of a place with always the participation in a large panel of animations for everyone.

If it is a track day :

Participants can drive laps around the track,

in complete safety at the steeringwheel of their own Porsche (all models), whether or not accompanied by passengers (necessarily registered).

To discover :

On the other hand, visiting friends / fans will be able to settle during other periods over the day alongside acquaintances or experienced pilots on board off Porsches in even sportier versions (GT, RS, R, RSR ...) to take place on the passenger side, the time of finish a few quick laps, and feel another aspect of the track: "Racing".

Unbeatable thrills and memories with excitement guaranteed!

If it is a rally :

It concerns the principle of the rally with roadbook divided into 2 parts (10h to 14h and 14h to 16h) At lunch, pleasant meals are offered in several privileged places.

The road book will be precise, the route is guaranteed to be fun and safe for participants and cars.

Participants can also participate in the last parade / parade on the circuit.

The mid-afternoon snack is just in time for you to stroll through the shopping village and attend the Rallye award ceremony.

If a city or area is selected,a city or a specific place:

Contrary to a single rally, participants can start in different places.

The activities are defined based on the location and its specific features.

For example: meeting at a fixed place where participants from different environments (Porsche dealers to call this eg) and on their way to the meeting point.

By following the road book specific to each route, the participants discover fun and safe routes.

Visits to the place or region are planned.

Meals and snacks are taken in one place or in several places.

The Porsche village is waiting for the visit of the friends / fans of the Porsche brand, participant or not.

This is just the taste of today's menu "like no other".


We are creative. Pay attention, all details will be communicated as soon as that there is an event on the agenda.