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1. Definition and general conditions of access

The terms "website or site" refer to this site, as published by 1001Porsche a brand of AX'S EVEN

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3. Content of the Website / Hardware

The information and materials contained in this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a firm offer of products. An offer can only be made and taken into consideration if it is legally valid and complies with the applicable legal provisions. Any offer is limited to the countries or legal zones which are expressly mentioned in this offer, and can not be taken into account by persons originating from any other country or legal zone which have access to the site, visit it or use it.

AX'S EVEN will make every effort to regularly check and update the information and materials on this site, and to verify the reliability and honesty of their sources. As a result, the information and materials placed on this site are subject to change. AX'S EVEN can not however guarantee the exact, adequate, complete or timeless nature of the information and material contained on this website or to which it refers; nor is it able to guarantee that the information or material is suitable for a specific purpose, or the reliability and honesty of its sources. AX'S EVEN, its directors, employees and / or representatives can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any reason whatsoever, contractually or otherwise, for any damages - direct or indirect - that you should suffer for having acceded to this website, for having visited and / or used it, except in case of serious or intentional misconduct which would be attributable to them, as well as in case of misleading, inaccurate or contradictory information.

4. Intellectual property rights

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5. Protection of privacy (law on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data)

Please note that AX'S EVEN is responsible for the processing of personal data collected via this website.

As a visitor or user of this site, you agree that AX'S EVEN will record and process for the purposes set out below the personal data concerning you: compliance with any applicable legal or regulatory provision, particularly with regard to prevention money laundering and terrorist financing, the management of contractual and pre-contractual relations, the prevention of abuse and fraud, the production of statistics and tests, the training of staff, the control of the quality of the service, the prospection marketing or direct marketing to products promoted by AX'S EVEN

You have the right to access your personal data and to have it rectified if it is inaccurate. To exercise these rights, you only need to send the seller a written request to this effect, duly dated and signed at the address mentioned above.

6. Confidentiality

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7. Applicable law and competent courts

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8. Autonomy and modifications

If any provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions will be deemed unchanged, and the unenforceable provision (s) will be superseded by an applicable provision, the spirit of which will be the most possible close to that of the provision deemed inapplicable.

AX'S EVEN has the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

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