Terms of Sales

1. General conditions of sale
These general conditions of sale apply to all commercial transactions concerning the products offered by 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN through its website. The mere fact of placing an order from https://www.1001porsche-cancer.com is equivalent to the acceptance of the general conditions defined below.
By completing and validating the order form, the customer acknowledges having read the general conditions of sale and accept them without reservation. The validation of the order is worth the acceptance of these conditions.

The terms used in the general conditions of sale and on the website must be understood as follows:
1.1 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN: the website of a division of AX'S EVEN S.A. on which the products are displayed and offered for sale.
1.2 Customer: any natural or legal person who is legally capable of placing an order or concluding the purchase of one or more products via the 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN website:
1.3 Order: request for conclusion of a purchase contract by the customer between
1001Porscheby AX'S EVEN: and the customer himself and concerning a product offered on the site.
1.4 Identity card of the product: designates all the information related to a product put on sale on the website 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN: proposed on the site (texts, photographs, graphics ...).
1.5 Product: All items sold by 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN on its website.
1.6 Transaction: all transactions, secure processing, authorizations and agreements relating to the payment of products ordered by credit card or any other means of virtual transaction proposed on the site.

2. Object
1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN offers services and objects related to the event for sale online.
The customer connects voluntarily to the website and, by filling his shopping cart, places an order for the products he freely chooses by browsing the site (article 3). Purchased products are paid online using one of the solutions available on the site (article 7) 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN confirms the order by an automatic email reminding order and the products are shipped to the customer within a specified time ( Article 4).

3. Order
3.1 All the data provided by the customer during the encoding of his order commits the latter. 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN can in no way be held responsible for errors committed by the customer in the address of the recipient of the order (whether in the delivery address and the billing address), delivery delays or the impossibility of delivering the ordered products that these errors could cause.
3.2 Automatic registration systems are proof of the nature, content and date of the order as well as of all past transactions.
3.3 As soon as the sale is closed, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN confirms the order by sending an automatic email containing the entire order, to the email address provided by the customer. The sale is concluded only after receipt of payment.
3.4 The products offered by 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN are almost all in stock. If the requested product is not or no longer available immediately, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN informs the customer and communicates the delivery time of the product by email. If the given time does not suit the customer, he may then request a change to his order or the outright cancellation of the latter.
3.5 Only legally able persons are authorized to place an order on our website.
3.6 In general and without any necessary justification, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN reserves the right to suspend the confirmation of the order, to refuse or cancel it in the following cases: - communication of erroneous data; - problem in the payment of the order concerned; - litigation concerning non-payment of a previous order; - refusal of authorization by the customer's bank or financial institution; - ordering an abnormally low and / or high number of products; - order for an abnormally low or high total amount;
This list is not exhaustive.
3.7 The final and paid invoice of the order is attached to the package.

4. Delivery
4.1 After confirmation of the order and acceptance of payment by the agency responsible for the transaction, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN undertakes to send the products ordered by the customer to the delivery address mentioned when ordering under the sooner (for information: 24 to 72 hours for Belgium, 2 to 5 days for Europe, 3 to 10 days for the rest of the world).
4.2 Deliveries are made by post. In no way 1001Por

sche by AX'S EVEN can not be held responsible for delays in delivery, or be asked for compensation or outright cancellation of the order by the customer.
4.3 Upon receipt, the recipient of the order must verify the accuracy of the conformity of the delivered product. In the event that one or more ordered products are missing or do not match, the recipient of the parcel must immediately make reservations with the carrier at the time of delivery.
4.4 In case of damage and loss and in accordance with the law on market practices and consumer protection, the risk of damage and loss is borne by the distance seller. If the shipment received does not correspond to the products purchased or if it is damaged, it is possible for the customer to return it to the 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt. According to the customer's request, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN will proceed with the exchange. 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN however reserves the right to refuse the refund of returned products.
4.5 If, on the day of delivery, the parcel is not accepted, the post office will give a notice of passage and indicate where it can be removed. In the event that the order is not recovered by the recipient thereof, the latter is returned to 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN and the recipient is notified by email. The delivery of the order may be requested by the customer but he will bear the shipping costs in full.
4.6 The customer or the recipient of the order prohibits any partial or total resale of the products received.

5. Right of withdrawal
5.1 In accordance with the Law on Market Practices and Consumer Protection, the customer has the right to renounce his purchase without penalty and without giving reasons. For this, the customer has a period of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the products purchased, with the exception of dematerialized products, to return to 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN for exchange. To obtain repair, the customer must return the products in their original packaging intact, along with a copy of the invoice. The return is done at the expense and under the responsibility of the customer, at the following address: 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN - 4a, rue de l'école - L8278 - HOLZEM - Luxembourg.
5.2 In the event that the products are returned, with the exception of dematerialized products, from 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN under the conditions and deadlines imposed, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN undertakes to reimburse the sums paid by the customer. However, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN, bearing the initial delivery costs, is entitled to deduct the latter from the total sum to be reimbursed. The refund is made within one month of receipt of the returned order.

6. Price
6.1 The prices indicated on the website and in the confirmation voucher sent by mail after receipt of the order are the final prices expressed inclusive of all taxes and including Luxembourg VAT. 6.2 Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT. This is payable by all non-taxable consumers residing or having their registered office in one of the countries of the European Union. It is also payable by taxable consumers having their registered office in Luxembourg. However, subject customers having their registered office in another country of the European Union and wishing to be delivered in this country (Luxembourg), will be invoiced excluding VAT, in accordance with article 39bis of the VAT code. It will, however, be up to the consumers concerned by this VAT exemption to declare this importation in order to respect the tax regulations of their country of establishment. In any case, subject customers are required to declare their VAT number in their order. In the event that the VAT number is not communicated or if the number indicated is incomplete or incorrect, 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN reserves the right to suspend the order.
6.3 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN also reserves the right to change prices at any time. Nevertheless the prices indicated in the final invoice are based on the rate in force at the time of the order.

7. Payment
7.1 The order must be paid in cash using one of the secure solutions? offered on the website on the day of placing the order. Protection against both fraudulent use of the means of payment used for the transaction, in particular as a result of piracy and against possible disputes over payment of the price of an order is ensured.
7.2 The order validated by the customer becomes effective only when the secure bank payment center has given its agreement on the execution of the transaction. In case of refusal of the payment center

the order will be automatically canceled and the customer will be informed by e-mail.

8. Liability
8.1 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN can under no circumstances and in no way be held responsible for damages of any kind that may be caused by improper use of dematerialized or non-marketed products.
8.2 The responsibility of 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN can not be accepted for possible modifications of the products.
8.3 The responsibility of 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN will, in any case, be limited to the amount of the order and could not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that could have remained despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products ( in particular in their identity card).
8.4 The 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN website contains links to other websites. 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN can not be held responsible for the current or future content of these sites, nor the content of external sites linking to their website.

9. Personal data
9.1 The collection of nominative information for the purpose of distance selling is mandatory, this information is essential for the processing and delivery of orders. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order.
1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN complies with the law on the processing of personal data. This law provides that the company collecting the personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, that the data must be accurate and that they must be collected for a specific, clear and legal purpose. Everyone must have access to his personal data and the right to modify it. In accordance with the law, the processing of personal information relating to customers has been declared to the Commission for the protection of privacy. The customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, which he can exercise with 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN
9.3 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN undertakes never to disclose or communicate the data collected on its customers to third parties.

10. Intellectual property
The texts, layouts, illustrations, photos and other elements appearing on the 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN website are generally protected by the principles of intellectual property rights. The content of the website data collected on its customers to third parties can not be copied.
It may not be modified, placed on another website or published in any form without prior written permission of 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN. This site may also contain texts, illustrations and other elements protected by copyrights of third parties. 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN does not give in any way and under no circumstances the authorization to use their intellectual property, nor that of third parties.

11. Litigation and applicable law
In case of difficulties in the application of this contract, the customer and 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN reserve the right, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution. Failing this, only the courts of Luxembourg are competent, whatever the place of delivery of the products or the domicile of the customer.
Contracts and any legal relationship between the client and 1001Porsche by AX'S EVEN are subject to Luxembourg law.

2. Terms of use

Delivery delay :
for Luxembourg: 24 to 72 hours
for Europe: 3 to 5 days
Great care is taken in packaging the products.
For further information please contact us:
by mail: contact@1001porsche-cancer.com
by phone - LU: +352 661 270 278 FR: +33 6 13 17 24 72